How Often Should You Clean Your Jewelry?

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We hate to see our jewelry go from dazzling to dull from wear. So, what is the best times to clean your jewelry? How often? And what exactly should I be cleaning?

You can clean your diamonds and gemstones daily if you felt like it. Diamonds are the hardest natural substance on earth, so no amount of scrubbing, rubbing, wiping, brushing, will harm the stones in the least. That’s the awesome thing about diamonds. They are ultra-durable. Taking your jewelry to a professional, is the safest and best way to get your pieces cleaned.

They last forever

Which also means, that a good cleaning will make them look brand new again. So, they’re always crystal clear and sparkling like the day you bought them. Gemstones are pretty much the same way. You can gently scrub them (most use a soft toothbrush), and they’ll be good to go. When you take jewelry to a professional such as, Professional Jewelers. We will check the security of the stones before cleaning.

Some gemstones can’t be cleaned

Some gems are more brittle, porous, and softer, they shouldn’t be subjected to harsh chemicals, heat. Or vibrations (ultrasonic sound waves). Gemstones like emeralds (which most have been oiled), opals (they can dry out and crack), pearls (they absorb the liquids, expand and become brittle), colored diamonds (they can fade and lose their vibrant hues). Cleaning these gems by hand with mild soap and water is totally fine. You won’t have to worry about them. Colored diamonds that are color coated should be cleaned carefully but if they are natural colored diamonds they are as hard and durable as white Diamonds.

So how often should you clean your jewelry?

If you clean at home, then probably once a week. That’s usually enough to keep them sparkling and brilliant. This is only recommended for items you wear daily or frequently.

Now, as for the metals themselves, you won’t have issues with gold in the cleaner, or by hand (just don’t use any bleach). Silver and other metals, like titanium and tungsten, should probably be cleaned by hand.

When you take your jewelry to Professional Jewelers, we recommend a minimum of two times a year to bring in for a complimentary check and cleaning.

Polishing by hand

Get yourself a polishing cloth and carefully wipe the mounting to remove surface scratches (be gentler on white gold, you don’t want to rub away the rhodium plating). Also be cautious of the prongs and channel walls. Polishing them or rubbing them too hard could cause them to snag, lift, pull, break, and wear down. So, work softly around the mounting (you don’t want to loosen your stones either).

What about a professional cleaning?

Jewelry stores like Professional Jewelers, use polishing wheels to buff your items like new. But this can also wear away a thin layer of gold, so it’s wise to only have it done a few times a year, just in case. Our cleaning is done on a much deeper level than an at-home cleaning. Professional Jewelers will check the security of the stones before cleaning. We recommend a minimum of two times a year to bring inf or a complimentary check and cleaning.

Where to clean?

When you clean your jewelry, to get into the #1 dirty spot: underneath the diamonds and gemstones. Dirt gets trapped under the stones and clings to the underside (the pavilion), where it dries, hardens and builds up like cement. This also darkens your stones, makes them dull, and makes them look horribly lifeless. So, get a tiny brush and dab underneath them to make their bottoms sparkle. Clean your jewelry and diamonds good because they are durable and prized possessions. Clean them often, jewelry gets dirty really fast from lotions, perfumes, soaps, and oils.

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