The Benefits of Laser Technology for Your Jewelry

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Here at Professional Jewelers, we pride ourselves on the quality of work we produce as independent jewelers. However, much of our work wouldn’t be possible without technological advancement over the years, one of those being laser technology! Laser technology is a step up from the traditional methods of craftsmanship, serving as an alternative for manufacturers to have more power for creation, customization, and repairs.

LaserStar at Professional Jewelers

Our founder Sam Mitchell adopted the use of LaserStar laser technology early on after its inception, therefore confirming the skillset of Professional Jewelers to handle any repair that may come through our doors. Read on for a handful of benefits we’ve seen from utilizing laser in our day-to-day operations, guaranteeing your repairs and designs are in good hands!

Saved Time & Improved Quality

When it comes to jewelry repair, laser technology consolidates the steps of small and large projects into one advanced system. No matter the task – engraving, welding, cutting – time is certainly of the essence, and this alternative allows for fewer tools and materials while greatly improving the quality of the work. The smallest details matter when it comes to jewelry repairs and design, so letting a high-power laser system get the job done with the utmost precision is not only in your professional’s favor but in yours.

Precision, Precision, Precision!

Laser technology hones in on jewelry repair on the micro-level, giving your jeweler the ability to work around your piece’s other features! With a focused laser point, your repair is done seamlessly and left with a stronger weld. When it comes to creating a brand new design, taking laser tech into consideration can give you more freedom to engrave and customize your piece to perfection.

Contact your professionals here at Professional Jewelers for any and all of your jewelry needs, including high-quality jewelry repair!

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