The Power of Gemstones in Jewelry

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Gemstones are mesmerizing, beautiful additions to any jewelry creation. Throughout the ages, these stones have been thought to have metaphysical properties that easily transcend into the accessories we wear today and add an even deeper meaning apart from the sentiment of a gift!

Throughout ancient history, incorporating gemstones into jewelry was considered a beloved practice signifying nobility, wealth, and a close connection to the divine. Some feel that these gems and the crystals they are formed from still have these special qualities, such as tapping into our Chakras to aid the release of tension and inhibiting feelings held subconsciously in our own bodies.

Thinking of including a gemstone into your next custom jewelry selection and unsure of which one to choose? Here is a breakdown of some of the most rave-worthy gemstones we use at Professional Jewelers and the power they are rumored to have!

Emerald: Revival, Attraction, & Activation

Emerald is widely known for its vibrant green color, specific style of cut, and has become a popular gemstone for engagement and wedding rings! This gem has been considered a conduit for revival, new beginnings, and the steady equilibrium of emotions. As an activator for the Heart Chakra, wearing the gem near the heart is suggested for manifesting love and attraction in one’s life.

Emerald is versatile in size and cut, and stands out especially in rings, earrings, and pendants.

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Amethyst: Purification, Protection, & Comfort

One of the most recognizable and notable gems out there, Amethyst is incredibly stunning in all its forms! Used to expand creativity and protect one’s energy from negativity, Amethyst worn or placed around one’s physical body and aura can encourage calm confidence in all of their endeavors.

Just like the Emerald, Amethyst is versatile and can be incorporated into jewelry in a multitude of ways, such as rings, earrings, stand-out pendants, and more.

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Sapphire: Strength, Wisdom, & Envisioning

Sapphire is embedded deeply in history as a powerful talisman and “holy” gem, as several cultures have attributed Sapphire with guiding its beholder towards utmost wisdom and consciousness. Blue Sapphire is the most recognized of the gemstone’s color range, yet all shades of Sapphire tap into its wisdom capabilities! This gem is ideal to present to someone who is starting a new venture or is going through a rough period in life, as it innately channels discipline and focus for its wearer.

Sapphire is associated with the Throat and Third Eye Chakras, so finding jewelry to wear such as pendants, necklaces, and earrings is recommended to propel this gem’s influence on one’s own communication skills and clairvoyance!

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Ruby: Passion, Energy, & Awareness

From its alluring red hue to its undeniable worth, the Ruby naturally exudes a passion that kept nobles throughout history raving… even rivaling the Diamond! Ruby holds the power to incite energy and vitality, and has been tied to positively impacting bodily functions such as blood circulation and detoxification.

This gem rules over one’s life-force energy by activating the Root (Base) Chakra, reminding one to be present in their body and live life confidently. When worn in jewelry, Ruby’s influence rests in awareness and enlightenment for its wearer, known to benefit friendships and relationships greatly!

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Diamond: Expansion, Unification, & Balance

Aside from being the strongest and most durable of all gems, the power of the Diamond goes beyond its intriguing light prisms and classic elegance. Diamond is most known for representing unification through engagement and wedding rings, symbolizing balance and prosperity in one’s life. With the high energetic frequency Diamond carries, pairing it with other gems only means more amplification of these great qualities.

Whether it’s the main attraction or a subtle addition, Diamond is a staple gem for any jeweler’s collection of designs and arguably, the most versatile of any gem one could offer!

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