What Is the Difference Between Natural and Lab-Made Diamonds and Why Should You Invest in Natural?

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One of the first decisions that you will have to make when beginning the process of selecting an engagement ring is whether you want to purchase a natural or lab-made diamond. Many consumers do not fully understand what a lab-made diamond is or what the actual differences are between the extremely similar-looking stones. As an experienced gemologist, I can help you understand the difference between natural and lab-grown diamonds and explain to you the many benefits of choosing natural! Just remember, at the end of the day, it’s your decision! Whatever makes you happy and seems like the best fit for your life is the best choice.

When you think of diamonds, words such as “rare”, “valuable”, and “ever-lasting” tend to come to mind. Since the recent growth in popularity of colorless gem-quality lab-made diamonds in the past few years, many have started questioning the esteemed values that natural diamonds have traditionally represented. Since diamonds can be manufactured in a lab, are they really that valuable? What is the benefit of naturally made diamonds?

The key to a diamond’s significance lies in its history. Diamonds are older than life on Earth and estimated to be as old as three billion years! They started forming deep below the Earth’s surface due to a combination of extremely high temperatures and high pressure. They have been valued for their stunning brilliance and uncompromising strength since as early as the 4th century B.C., and they became known as a symbol of love, romance, and commitment in the 1940’s. With centuries of traditions equating diamonds to love –in addition to the miraculous way that they are naturally created within the Earth symbolizing endurance and eternal commitment– it is no coincidence that to this day natural diamonds carry such value.

Lab-made diamonds, on the other hand, do not require as much time to develop. Using one of two methods, man-made diamonds can be created in less than a month. The High-Pressure High Temperature method creates a diamond by dissolving carbon using high temperatures and extremely high pressure, while the Chemical Vapor Deposition approach creates a diamond by layering carbon layers onto a diamond seed crystal. Lab-made diamonds look indistinguishable from natural diamonds, contain the exact same chemical properties, plus they cost significantly less– but what you gain in savings you lose in uniqueness and symbolism.

Because the purchase of a diamond is typically such an emotional and significant milestone, many couples opt for a natural diamond to symbolize their commitment to eternal love. If you are looking for a traditional symbol of romance, a natural diamond is the best fit for you! If you
are willing to compromise on value, rarity, and uniqueness, you could consider a lab-made diamond. Other popular alternatives to diamonds include rubies, sapphires, and moissanite.

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